Quality Policy

As world wide, it was narrated by various learned personalities of the world, to achieve quality in processing you have to follow following rules:-

  • Right technologies (Machinery).
  • Lab Equated with Data Color Spectrometer.
  • Man behind the technology (Man Power).
  • Selection of right dyes and chemicals (Dyes/Chemical).
  • Maintenance of machinery from time to time.
  • Gray fabrics checking in gray godown.
  • Full use of laboratory from lab dip to lab-to bulk reproduction of the shade.
  • Testing of dyes and chemicals, when ever they enter the factory premises unloading after approval by the lab.
  • Strict checking by the shift in charge in every department during running in production and they are accountable for the production and quality.
  • Quality control department is separate and check and verify all the fabrics and coming out of factory and directly reporting to technical head and MD.
  • Only after approval by quality control, the fabric is dispatched through accounts department.
  • We have fully computerized equipped systems.
  • All the purchase is done through MD or technical head of the company only after successful trial in production.
  • For the welfare of the workers, proper approvals taken from buyer(i.e. compliance) for cleanliness, electrical wiring, pipe-dines of steam and oil , canteen, first-aid, fire fighting equipments, masks, gloves, caps helmets etc. at specified machines, emergency exit during fire, fire-alarm machines, emergency exit during fire, fire-alarm and proper signed boards were placed in factory at various places.

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