Our Services

R.P. PROCESSORS established by Mr. Ram Pal Trikha in 1998 has earned its name in Ludhiana, the industrial hub of garment industry in India, for providing the finest quality of dyeing services to its customers. The current affairs of the company are efficiently run and managed by its Director - Mr. Ram Pal Trikha. We at R.P. PROCESSORS expertise in Dyeing, Bleaching, Enzyme, Bio-polishing etc. Processing of Knitted fabrics and garments is our expertise and the quality provided by us is unmatched by any of our competitors thus providing best value for money to our clients.


RP Processors provides commission bleach and dyeing service to the garment and furnishing industries. Ideally suited to small batch, niche production volumes offers customers a flexible and innovative service which is complemented by their in-house laboratory facilities. This product range includes wool, nylon, polyester and blended fabrics.

The picture shows one of our compartmentalized washing machines. The cleaning, conditioning, and softening products used vary for different FABRICS. The temperature of the water and drying also are important in providing the optimum in comfort.

RP Processors Finish area also includes dyeing, scouring, and bleaching operations. Socks that are to be white are either bleached or scoured. Bleaching is an oxidizing process that removes color from a sock, leaving it white.


As the company was engaged in Bleaching, dyeing & finishing of hosiery knitted fabrics. our unit is completely equipped with all the modern & ultra modern machines for processing.


  • Soft-flows
  • Tubular Dryer
  • Tubular Finishing
  • Tumblers
  • Lab-Dyeing
  • Compactor

In-house facility for bleaching, dyeing and finishing. Both Dyeing & finishing are done on fabrics of various Blends of cotton, Polyester, Acrylic and Nylon & Rayon.


We have tubular finishing machine for all type of knitted fabrics (as per required temp).

We are doing oil replant,water replant,elastomeric, fire retardant,anti static, anti flaming, anti bacterial, hydro philc, hydro phobic, anti pilling, stretching and bio-wash on fabrics like....

  • Jersey
  • rib
  • french terry
  • fleece
  • interlock
  • cotton spandex
  • waffle fabric
  • many more....


A sound infrastructure has been one of the main reason for our success and we have all the amenities that are required for an organization to grow. We have a modern setup of infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology like ETP that facilitates us in taking up any manufacturing challenges. The machineries are well maintained and kept updated, a special team of technical experts scrutinize the machines and any fault is immediately rectified.